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Update on Society Trustees that joined Council at the Society AGM on 6th April 2013

In July, Council received advice from the Society’s new solicitors, Geldards, in respect of the 5 persons who had been appointed as trustees at the Society AGM held on 6thApril 2013. Five nominations had been received for five vacant trustee positions and, based on previous legal advice provided to the Society, the nominees were declared as trustees by the Society scrutineers, filling the uncontested vacant trustee positions.

Geldards have since advised Council that without a vote from the members, the trustees were not properly elected and therefore they have been asked not to attend any future board meetings until the position has been rectified. This advice differs to that previously received by the Society from its past-legal advisers.

Council has considered the legal advice provided and held a telephone conference with the Society’s solicitors during its meeting held on the 8th July 2013 to discuss the matter in detail. As a result, Council has decided that an EGM should be convened at the earliest possible opportunity to address this matter and also to address the Society’s Articles which require significant updating. In the meantime, Council has been assured that it is constitutional and able to transact Society business, subject to having 6 trustees present at its meetings to meet the requirements of a quorum.

Full information will be provided to members in the Society’s autumn mailing.


21st Aug 2013