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FEI World Driving Championships 2013

FEI World Driving Championships 2013

At the FEI World Driving Championships (31st October - 3rd November 2013) held in Pau, France, Bram Chardon from the Netherlands won gold in dressage, gold in the marathon and gold in the cone driving with his team of Welsh Mountain ponies.

5th was Tinne Bax from Belgium with Section As, 6th Jan de Boer from the Netherlands with Section As (also coming second in dressage), 7th Jeroen de Schutter from Belgium with Section Bs, 9th Sara Howe Great Britain with Section As, 10th Kathleen Whaley from America with Welsh Part Breds, 12th Yannick Scherrer from Switzerland with Section As, 13th Marco Perinotto from Italy with Section As, 17th David Palkovics from Hungary with Section As.

Pony Pairs: 3rd Anna Grayston from Great Britain with Cob and Cob x Hackney, 8th Woutera van de Kamp from the Netherlands with Section As.

Single: 2nd Rosa Walters-Symons from Great Britain with Section D Dabernon Tiger Woods; 5th Roger Campbell from Great Britain with Cob, 7th Peter Koux from Denmark with Cob.

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15th Nov 2013