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European Welsh Forum 2017

On Saturday 18th of March trustees Tracy Hook and David Roberts, Chair of the International Committee, and Chief Executive Officer Rob Allen, attended the European Welsh Forum held in Moers, Germany.  Hosted by IG Welsh and the WPCV of the Netherlands, this one day event was attended by representatives from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France and the Czech Republic.  The main aim of the forum was to discuss the UK exit from the European Union.


The delegates gather for the forum



David Roberts and Dai Harris


Speakers included Dai Harris of the Pennal Stud who gave a brief history of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society, entertaining members and guests alike with his anecdotes and tales from the Breed’s early history through to the modern day.


Trustees David Roberts and Tracy Hook


Rob Allen led a discussion on the WPCS strategy leading up to the EU exit and the legal implications of the EU Exit on Welsh Breeding, from the prospective of the EU Commission, were explored by Dr A.E Fuessel.  In the afternoon there was an interesting presentation on aspects of in-breeding from Professor Dr Bart Ducro from Wageningen University and veterinary surgeon Kareen Heineking-Schutte  presented a discussion on the condition and health of Welsh ponies and cobs.  To end the day David, Tracy and Rob answered questions from the audience.


Klaus Spengler and Kareen Heineking-Schutte prepare for the afternoon session


Tracy, David and Rob would like to thank Klaus Spengler of IG Welsh and Henk van Dijk of Welsh Pony and Cob Vereniging for arranging and chairing the forum and for making the day such a resounding success.

28th Mar 2017