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The Retirement of Dr Wynne Davies MBE



Dr Wynne Davies MBE has been one of the leading figures in the Welsh Pony and Cob world for over 60 years.  As a stalwart member of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society since 1948, Dr Wynne, of the Ceulan Stud and a prolific breeder of prize winning Section A’s, has attended annual general meetings for the past 69 years and has given the annual Publicity Report, as the Society Publicity Officer, for the past 39. He has attended and reported on the Royal Welsh Show,  and on numerous shows and events across the United Kingdom and the world, for the past six decades and is known and valued by all who breed and compete.

Dr Wynne's retirement as Publicity Officer at the WPCS AGM on the 1st of April, and as announced in the 2016 Publicity Report, is both an occasion for sadness but also for celebration, a celebration of one man’s commitment and dedication to the Welsh Breed and the positive long term affect Dr Wynne has had on the world of equine breeding and showing.

Chair of Council, John Kirk, said upon hearing the news:  “A very sad day for the Welsh Pony and Cob Society.  I have grown up in the Society with Dr Wynne as have many of our members.  The Society is losing a valued treasure.”

Vice Chair of Council, Colin Thomas, said: “Dr Wynne’s knowledge of the Breed and background has been so impressive to us all. His retirement is a great loss to the Society. Wynne has graced the Welsh Pony and Cob Society as a Council member and Publicity Officer over many decades, which has been a sheer delight to the global membership.”

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society will be announcing shortly how it will be thanking a man who has given so much to the Breed and to its members.

Dr Wynne Davies' Publicity Report 2017

1st Apr 2017