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DNA Testing of Maiden Mares

The Council of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society has reviewed its policy for the DNA testing of equine and is pleased to confirm that Animal Health Trust will continue to be the preferred provider of DNA profiles. The Society will continue to sell Animal Health Trust kits during 2017. The aim of the Society is to build a DNA database of the Welsh Breed for the benefit of everyone including future generations.

As part of the policy it has been confirmed that a vet must pull the hair and, in an update to previous procedures, must also be asked to scan the microchip to compare with the number shown in the passport. A form will be provided by the Society for completion and return. This will also apply to breeders who wish to supply DNA profiles from alternative providers.

In an update to the definition of DNA typing of maiden mares the Society wishes to confirm that the DNA testing of mares is required after their first pure bred foal eligible for registration with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society.

A full version of the Policy will be available on the Society website and upon request from Bronaeron in the New Year.

WPCS DNA Testing Policy

DNA Vet Form

12th Dec 2016