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Summary of the Council Meeting held Friday 27th March 2015

Trustees met for their final council meeting of the 2014-5 session on the day preceding the AGM at Hatherley Manor Hotel, Gloucester. 

The Secretary provided an update. The solar panels at Bronaeron have been installed and were due to be signed off by the ‘cut off’ date of 31st March. Andrew Johnstone reported that he is investigating the availability of other products for members from Greenlands (the society’s new insurance provider) as well as looking into partnerships with other sympathetic organisations to get benefits for the WPCS members.

An architect has been appointed and the first draft of plans for the new pavilion at Llanelwedd would be available for the Estates committee to discuss the following week. It is hoped that gaining the permission of the RWAS and the planning authorities will not hinder a start date straight after the Royal Welsh Show in July. Council agreed that the matter of fund raising for the pavilion should be addressed at the first meeting of the new council.

Council were informed that Ed Gummery, the new WPCS Welfare Coordinator, would give a report to both the Associations’ meeting and at the AGM the following day.

The date of the trustees Induction and Training day was confirmed as May 6th to be held at Geldards offices, Cardiff. The following day (7th May) the first council meeting would be held. [After the AGM on 28th March it was decided, at a short meeting of the new council, that a Strategy and Business Planning meeting be held in Birmingham on Monday 20th April].

It was agreed that the matter of white markings on Welsh ponies and cobs needed clarification and that specific criteria is required for guidance in their registration. It was further agreed that the topic be included for some discussion at the Judging and Breeding conference scheduled for October 2015.

The Dutch Society has contacted the office and it is hopeful that standardised software systems can be developed, which are website secure, that could enable Daughter Societies to access stud book data to support their own registration systems.

54 new members of the WPCS were accepted and enrolled.

The chairman thanked trustees for their support during the last twelve months and felt that real progress for the society had been made. She also thanked both the President and the Presidentelect for their support and finally thanked those trustees who retire at the AGM for their contributions to the work of the council over a number of years.

Ann Bigley

14th Apr 2015