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Council Sub Committee Report 1-8-16

Meetings of the Council and sub-committees took place on Monday 1st of August, chaired by John Kirk, Elgan Evans, Ann Holland, Jo Sheil and Peter Morgan.

With a clear focus on the wants and needs of the breed, of the membership and the delivery of public benefit the Council discussed the following items, in no particular order:

  • A change was discussed and voted on to change the restricted wording for the 2011 International Show Fund. Originally its use was restricted to “the purchase of new signage at Bronaeron and the purchase of a perpetual trophy.” Following the receipt of advice the Council agreed that neither of these had taken place and there was no plan to do so. Therefore the Council agreed to change the wording to “ the purchase of signage for the Pavilion, a potential donation to the International Show 2017 and the funding of rosettes for the International Show 2017.”

  • The Welsh Pony and Cob Society will host an International Forum, with Brexit issues on the agenda, at Equitana, Germany, on Saturday 18th of March 2017. The Society will be represented by trustees Tracy Hook, Jo Sheil and David Roberts (Chair), and CEO Rob Allen.

  • It was agreed that any members of the oversea societies are welcome to attend the annual International meeting as observers. Only named Society representatives to continue to be able to participate in the meeting.

  • In advance notification of a change in the Judging and Showing Rules 2017, it was discussed that there is to be a reduction from 70 miles to 50 miles in point 3.8 of the 2016 published Rules. A local area will therefore be defined as a 50 mile radius (as the crow flies) from the showground as of 1st of January 2017.

  • The Council also agreed that when a replacement judge is required that mileage and medals rules are relaxed in order to allow for an alternative judge to be found. However this will be at the discretion of the Society’s Chair or Vice-Chair.

  • Following the receipt of advice the Society will no longer be able to support the area associations in attaining their annual insurance. The associations will be written to in order to explain the change as soon as possible.

  • The summary of the Societies updated Reserves Policy is on the website and available for members to read as is the updated Complaints and Comments Policy.

  • Following research into Charity Commission guidance on the giving of grants and donations, the 2016 version of the WPCS Funding Application Form needs to be updated. Core to the changes will be clarification on whether an applying organisation is a charity or not and demonstration as to how the requested donation/grant will result in significant impact for the membership of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society. This will be completed as soon as possible for 2017 and under-written by a supporting policy and procedures.

  • The Council is re-structuring its membership pricing to include a Family Membership option.

The next full Council meeting will take place at the WPCS Pavilion on Monday 5th of September 2016.

26th Aug 2016