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Council Report 9-1-17

Meetings of the Finance and HR, Education and Welfare and Judging and Showing Standing Committees took place on Monday 9th of January at Bronaeron in the first meetings of 2017.  In addition a short Council meeting was chaired by John Kirk taking the place of the Member Services and Promotions Standing Committee.  At the start of the Council meeting Mr Kirk asked for a minutes silence for Big Dai who although not a member of the Society had done a lot for members of the Society at the Royal Welsh Show.

At the Council meeting Standing Orders were stood down to allow Council to discuss and accept recommendations from that mornings Finance and HR Standing Committee as follow:

· It was carried to discontinue the autumn magazine as it was felt that the magazine is taking content away from the Journal and is a cost that the Society is unable to afford at this time.   Council agreed that there are alternative ways of reaching members and non-members and that the cost of producing the magazine could be better spent on more active use of social media and on using existing external publications;

· It was agreed that, having looked at family membership, the potential benefits for members are not distinct enough to warrant such a membership class at this time and there is an identified risk of the Society losing income at a time when it cannot afford to.

· It was carried that a request to increase membership rates will form part of a special resolution at the 2017 AGM on the 1st of April 2017 and, if passed, will take effect from 1st of January 2018.

In other Council business, the DNA Testing Policy continued to be under review with final adjustments made, including removing the phrase “maiden”, and the Code of Conduct sections of the Judging and Showing Handbook 2017 received final alterations to ensure that these corresponded with the Society policies on the website.  The Judging and Showing Handbook was sent to print following this discussion.    It was also confirmed that the 2017 Journal had gone to print and is due to be mailed out mid-February.

The Finance and HR Standing Committee, chaired by Peter Morgan, focussed on the Society accounts to the end of November 2016, on the draft budgets for Revenue and Capital expenditure for 2017 and discussions around a new staff handbook due for implementation.

Education & Welfare, chaired by Ed Gummery, confirmed that the gelding castration wording is due to be removed from the 2017 passport following the completion of the 2016 volume of work. 

NB   In order to promote non-illegal practice, from 2017, the Castration Certificate in the Society passport will be re-worded to ensure that all notifications of castration are accompanied by the signature of a vet.  Should any issues arise with individual passport applications these will be referred to the National Welfare Co-ordinator and the Education & Welfare Standing Committee.

The Standing Committee reviewed the hard copy and website welfare documents and agreed the changes to take place and discussed a new programme of educational and welfare visits to be developed and implemented. 

Also meeting was the Judging and Showing Standing Committee, chaired by Elgan Evans.   In a packed meeting it was carried that ridden judges will be able to hold asterisks with criteria to be discussed at the next meeting:  the Judging and Showing Handbook 2017 received its final proofing; and the preferred choice for the Judges Conference 2017 is September, with a venue to be confirmed, and will be open to WPCS panel judges and probationary judges.

The next Finance and HR meeting takes place on Monday 30th of January in Swansea in order to receive a commentary on the 2016 accounts from Broomfield Alexander and a commentary on the Society investment portfolio from Investec.

The next full Council meeting will take place on Monday 6th of February 2017 at Bronaeron.

The Annual General meeting of the Society will take place on Saturday 1st of April at 1pm at The Double Tree by Hilton, Swindon.

17th Feb 2017