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7th Nov Council Report

A Meeting of the Council took place on Monday 7th of November chaired by John Kirk.

With a clear focus on the wants and needs of the breed, of the membership and the delivery of public benefit the Council discussed the following items, in no particular order:

· John Kirk reported that the Gelding Show, held on the 21st of October, was a success and congratulated the trustees who sponsored it, President French for judging it and Mrs Nia Roberts for helping on the day.  It is possible that this will become an annual event.

· It was reported that the new Exhibition Unit’s first outing to the Cob Sale went well and that the feedback from the membership was positive.  A vote of thanks was made to Mrs Jackie Kirk for all of the help she provided with setting up the unit.

· A review was held of Society policies for 2017 and it was agreed that once the requested changes have been made all previous versions will be deleted and replaced with the 2017 versions.  The reviewed policies will be publicised as soon as possible.  The Society will continue to review its policies in the autumn of each year.

· Trustees thanked former Receptionist Timothy Evans, who left the Society mid-October, for his years of hard work.

The Council meeting was preceded by a short meeting of the Finance and HR Standing committee, postponed from the 10th of October.  Ongoing work includes the preparation of budgets for 2017 and the performance monitoring of 2016 income and expenditure.

The next full Council meeting will take place on Monday 5th of December 2016, again preceded by a Finance and HR Standing Committee meeting.

The next round of Standing Committee meetings will be held on Monday 9th of January 2017.

29th Nov 2016