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A Meeting of the Council 5-12-16

A Meeting of the Council took place on Monday 5th of December at Bronaeron chaired by John Kirk.
With a clear focus on the wants and needs of the breed, of the membership and the delivery of public benefit the Council discussed the following items, in no particular order:
• John Kirk reported that he had attended the WPCS Performance Awards on the 4th of December, noting that this is an important event and asking three or four members of Council to attend where possible.  It was agreed that the Council is provided with a list of official engagements and that Council members attend important events in the future.
• It was noted that the Society has received a donation from the proceeds of the birthday party for Her Majesty the Queen in May 2016.  Trustees were asked to put suggestions in writing to the Chief Executive Officer and to include items of significant, lasting benefit to the Society.
• Chair of Finance Peter Morgan expressed concern that the Society needs to raise additional income moving forward and John Kirk encouraged Council to be financially prudent.   A range of cost saving measures to be taken forward by the Finance standing committee and the Chief Executive Officer.
• Following the Chief Executive Officers visit to the Netherlands on a harmonisation fact finding mission, the CEO presented a pre-report with a more detailed report due in the New Year.
• The DNA Testing Policy was discussed and it was agreed for the Chief Executive Officer to re-draft the wording currently under review.
• The Council discussed a special resolution for the 2017 AGM to include re-drafting the Articles to include a Chair of Finance, the removing of gender bias and a request to membership for changes to the membership structure.
• It was agreed that a written role is required for the President-Elect, based on the role of the President, and including the role of mentoring the Young Ambassador.
• The election on the nominees for Honorary Life Members took place, two educational bursaries were awarded and the nominees for Young Ambassador were discussed with interviews to take place.
The Council meeting was preceded by a short meeting of the Finance and HR Standing Committee focussing on the 2017 revenue budget, 2017 capital expenditure and the 2016 Society Accounts.
The next full Council meeting will take place on Monday 6th of February 2017.
The next round of Standing Committee meetings will be held on Monday 9th of January 2017.
11th Jan 2017