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Council News from Bronaeron

The sub-committees of the Council of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society met this week including Education and Welfare, Judging and Showing, Finance & HR and Members Services and Promotions.  Each committee discussed and agreed a work plan to be delivered over the next few months and to be completed by the AGM in April next year.

Ed Gummery chaired the first meeting of the Education and Welfare committee and top of the work plan was planning the latest campaign to promote the welfare of ponies and horses.  Over the next month trustees will be discussing and agreeing topics and the final result is expected to go live by the autumn.

Judging and Showing, chaired by Elgan Evans, discussed and agreed which medals will be ordered by the Society for the next three years.  The result was to agree a high quality medal, with a hook at the top for ease of hanging and each medal to be provided in its own container.  In addition with the 2016 Judges Assessment booked for September 11th at Hartpury College, applications have begun to arrive with the society. The closing date for applications is 8th July 2016 and all sections that contain applications will be run. Application forms are available for download from the Society website.

Top of the agenda for Members Services and Promotions, chaired by Vice Chair David Roberts, was the planning of the members autumn magazine.  Members are guaranteed a packed edition with plenty of interesting and informative articles, updates focussing on the work of the Society and a celebration of our Patron, Her Majesty the Queen, in the year of her 90th birthday.  Work on the 2017 Journal continues to progress and the annual calendar and Christmas cards are due in the office before the end of June and will be on sale at the Royal Welsh.    An update was available for the refurbishment of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society Pavilion, currently taking place and due to be completed in time for the Royal Welsh Show.


Vice Chair David Roberts, chairing the Members Services Meeting


With Kayleigh Tonkins moving on from her position this month as Promotions Co-ordinator, trustees were keen to wish her well and to send her all their best for her future career.  In other staff news the Society welcomed Kate Higgins as its new Registrations Assistant, joining Iola and Meryl in Operations.

The next Council meeting is Monday 4th of July at Bronaeron.

13th Jun 2016