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News from Standing Committees 10th October 2016

The standing committees of the Council of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society met earlier in October with the exception of Finance & HR which was postponed to early November.  Sitting committees consisted of Education and Welfare, Judging and Showing and Members Services and Promotions (MSP).

In addition Chair John Kirk called a full Council meeting, at short notice, to discuss the feedback from members in relation to the Exhibition Unit and the current policy of hiring vans.  The Council agreed to change the policy and to purchase a company vehicle.  

Highlights of the standing committees were:

- MSP confirmed that the Society does accept DNA profiles from alternative providers to the Animal Health Trust.  DNA kits from the Animal Health Trust will continue to be sold by the Society with the policy and procedures to be reviewed at the next Council meeting on the 7th of November.

- In line with Society Articles it was clarified that a membership structure review, including family membership, will be completed in time for the 2017 AGM as part of a special resolution.  The proposed structure, if passed, to be implemented from 1st of January 2018.

- The annual review of Society policies will be re-scheduled to take place in the autumn of each year rather than in February of each year.  The policies currently on the website are to be reviewed by Council on the 7th of November.

- Judging and Showing implemented the new probationary rules, approved asterisk judges and agreed changes to the 2016 Judging and Showing Handbook for 2017.

The next full Council meeting is on Monday 7th of November at Bronaeron.

20th Oct 2016