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WPCS Cob Sales Gelding Show 2017

The show will take place in the Cattle Ring and classes will start at 10.00am.  Geldings entered into the Friday sale that wish to compete should be at the Ring for 10.00am.  The Show will commence with Section C 3 years and under and will continue with the 4 years and above, the Section D’s and Welsh Part Breds to follow on.

As part of the Societies continuing campaign to promote the gelding as amongst the finest examples of the Welsh breed,   trustees John Kirk, Tracey Hook, Ann Holland, Elgan Evans, David Roberts and Roger Davies are sponsoring and running the show for those who are entering their geldings for sale on the 27th.    There will be no entry fee but the geldings must be entered in the sale to be able to take part.  There will be classes for in-hand three years olds and under, and four year olds and over, and for Part-Breds, with sashes and rosettes and a cup for the supreme champion.

Chair of Council John Kirk said: “The Council is committed to continuing supporting geldings, by sponsoring the show at the Cob Sales for the second year.  We look forward to seeing all of you there.”

12th Oct 2017