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2019 Judging and Showing Rules

The WPCS regularly reviews and may amend its rules and codes of conduct in the “Judging & Showing Handbook – Including the General and Other Codes of Conduct”.  Members should refer to the rule changes, clarifications and amendments on the website as these may supersede the rules that are in the current published Judging & Showing Handbook.  Any such rule changes will be reflected in the 2019 publication of the Judging & Showing Handbook. 
Rule changes as of 2019 are as follows- 
3.8 Rule will read “ A judge must not judge the same section of the WPCS Stud Book at an affiliated show within a local area more than once during a season. A local area is defined as a 40mile radius (as the crow flies) from the showground."
8.6 Performance medals will read “performance medals will be awarded on the day of competition upon receipt of owners' WPCS membership card being produced in the ring. If the Champion does not have their WPCS membership card with them in the ring, then the performance medal will be awarded to the reserve, upon receipt of owners' WPCS membership card, but no lower.”  (Duplicate membership cards may be purchased from the WPCS office).
8.7 The rule will read “In pure Welsh classes, medals will only be awarded to the champion or reserve champion.”
10.6 The rule will read “ mares or geldings four years old or over may be shown in a white webbing or rope halter, leather head collar/slip, show bridle or riding bridle. Coloured brow bands are optional”.
6th Jul 2018