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2017 Journal Corrections

Please report any corrections for the 2017 Journal to the WPCS Office.

p49 - Rookery Rapture - Should be Section A

p58 - Bottom photograph should read Llanarth Seldom Seen 73517 and not Llanarth Bay Lady
Sire - Menai Sparkling Image 32024
Dam - 126599 Llanarth Norma Jean

p95 - Caption - The Hon Dame Mrs Shan Legge-Bourke.

p132 - The article 'Three Families, 20 Years' was written by David Maurer

p275 - Caption bottom left should read Cwmmeudwy Cati

p325 - Scottish Association
S Murray 161875 DEANBURN NELLIE should read Miss L Thomas 156991 NEBO BETTY

14th Mar 2017