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Changes in the 2016 WPCS Judging and Showing Rules

December 2015

The 2016 Judging and Showing Handbook for the Welsh Pony & Cob Society will be going to print shortly. Some of the major changes relating to rules for judges, show affiliation and awards for 2016 are as follows:

As before a judge must not judge the same section of the WPCS Stud Book at an affiliated show within a local area more than once during a season. From 1st January 2016, a local area will been redefined as a 70 mile radius (as the crow flies) from the showground.

Also from 1st January 2016 a change has been made to the number of shows a judge can officiate at in the same season. This has been reduced to not more than three Bronze, plus one *Silver (*if eligible to judge) medal-affiliated shows in any one calendar year per section. Additionally, though not a change, it is worth noting that a judge cannot judge the same section at the same Silver Medal show for at least five years.

Another major change from 1st January 2016 is that all shows will be eligible to apply for Bronze Medals provided they meet the specific class and judge criterion which remains the same. In addition,Bronze Medal shows will be able to accept entries on the day if they so wish. However, medals will only be awarded to an animal listed in the catalogue/official record of entries supplied tothe WPCS office either by hand, post or electronically. Shows offering a medal classification must lodge a catalogue/official record of all entries after the show containing the entries in each class and giving the name and number of the exhibits as registered.

These measures are being trialed to sustain and hopefully encourage more entries at medal shows.As medals are not awarded on the day, but sent at a later date, the Society will be awarding a special WPCS rosette to the champion for presentation on the day at no additional cost.

As a result of changes noted above, the WPCS Bronze Medal Rosette will be withdrawn. However shows will still have the opportunity to purchase alternative WPCS rosettes where criteria for Bronze Medal affiliation cannot be met.

Full details will be contained in the 2016 WPCS Judging and Showing Handbook and WPCS website. For further details relating to affiliation rules for shows please contact WPCS Office via

2016 Show Forms

15th Dec 2015