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2015 WPCS Journal and Magazine

The 2015 Welsh Pony and Cob Society Journal

The recently appointed WPCS Council has had several meetings where the future of the Journal has been discussed. With regards to the Journal, opinion is unanimous within Council that a serious effort should be made to have the Journal back to the position it formerly held with members. No one is claiming that this will be easy but assurance is given to the WPCS membership that there is a strong will to make it happen and working in partnership with members and having members support, there is a strong belief it can be done.

In the past, members had information in the autumn mailing about the following year’s Journal; this will continue however recently imposed restriction will be removed e.g. regulations regarding eligibility for the Prize- winners section. This mailing will also include advertising rates. It is obvious from a quick glance at 2013 and 2014 Journals, members did not support with their normal level of advertising. For the 2015 Journal we have to try and change this around and have a similar level of advertising. It has been decided at Council that advertising income should fund the printing costs. This means if advertising levels remain low then the scope for articles which from feedback most members look forward to reading, will be greatly limited. I appreciate that this request comes at difficult financial times but knowing the WPCS membership I know they will make every effort to give this request their support.

When I was previously involved with the Journal I tried to source articles that were varied, interesting and reflected on the diversity and personality of the people and animals associated with the success of the Welsh breeds. I am sure I am not alone when I say there is hardly a week passes without going to look up a past Journal. How many times has one looked up previous results from sales and shows maybe twenty years ago? Selected show results and detailed sales results will return in the 2015 Journal. We must strive to make sure the 2015 Journal fulfils that criteria being both current and also reference for the future. This is what sets it aside for me from the Magazine.

The 2014 Autumn Magazine

The magazine replaced the old style Newsletter and has a very modern image. The costings provided to Council of previous Magazines suggested that it should continue and the next issue will be sent in the autumn mailing. However there has been confusion in the past with the role it served and the obvious duplication.

With a mailing September and February it has the capacity to be more current than the Journal and as such we wish to develop it along the lines of the former Newsletter providing the membership with all the information relating to Society matters but also offer the facility to members, Associations and Overseas Societies to report events, shows, etc. within their own specific areas. The high quality finish of the production certainly does justice to photographs therefore I would welcome the development of a photo gallery, again depicting the success of the breed and members.

In my previous term with the Journal I was always delighted to have photographs, stories and experiences from our younger members and I feel the magazine can extend this opportunity further. However, young people don’t fear, there will still be place for you in the Journal but I think we can have more in the magazine.

The Challenge Ahead

The Welsh Breeds are excelling in all levels of competition and not just within the show ring. However we have to go out and sell the message that we are the leading breed society with the finest product to promote. Working together I have no doubt in my mind this can be achieved. My contact information is below and I welcome having your articles, photographs and anything suggestions for future magazines and Journal.

David Blair, Waxwing Farm, Balgonar, Saline, Fife. KY12 9TA


Tel: 01383 851732    Mobile: 07802812765 (sorry no texts)

18th Jul 2014