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2012 Annual General Meeting

Three Council Members Elected for the period 2012-2013

Mrs C. Fell - 435
D. P. Jones  - 461
Mrs N. E. Oldershaw - 355

Five Council Members Elected for the period 2012-2014

M. T. Daley - 368
Mrs A. J. Kember - 301
D. D. Morgan - 420
K. Walker - 402
D. M. Waters - 354

Five Council Members Elected for the period 2012-2015

A. C. Booth - 383
A. S. Everitt - 358
Mrs C. E. Reed - 320
R. L. Rees - 359
Mrs E. A. Russell - 392


President 2012-2013 – Mr E. T. E. Davies

President Elect 2012-2013 – Mr E. G. Prosser

Honorary Life Members

Glyn & Lynne Williams
Mrs Jennifer Fox
Mr Vivian Thomas

Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award

Mrs Alison Mountain

Young Ambassador - Mr Owen Griffiths

Young Ambassador Elect - Miss Maggie Simons

Young Achiever’s Award - Mr Dafydd Jones

Highly Commended - Miss Abbey Rose Devenney

Carnalw Trophy – Mr & Mrs G. Parry – Cwmhendy Buster
Paddock Trophy – G. R. Hensby – Laithehill Oberon
Saltmarsh Trophy – J. Ll. Davies – Joyton May Be Black
Hengwm Trophy – D. M. & Mrs E. D. & C. M. Evans – Gwynfaes Culhwch
Teifi Trophy – Mrs R. M. Andrew – Eyarth Figaro
Highland Cup – Mrs M. L. Milligan – Roseisle Pandytudyr
Tireve Trophy – G. J. Mitchell – Gwenfo Apollo
Llanarth Salver – Mrs D. J. Johnson – Gorfelyn Beacon
Gwyn Price Perpetual Trophy – Mr & Mrs W. R. Watkins/C. Tibbey – Blackhill Picalo
Section A Reserve – Mrs A. Irving – Winneydene Bari
Nell Pennell Perpetual Trophy – Mrs J. M. Blackburn – Moelview Charmer Boy
Section B Reserve – D. Ll. Evans – Carrwood Orpheus
Synod Perpetual Trophy – Mrs J. Kirk – Donys Llawen
Section C Reserve – Mr O. Jones – Nebo Bouncer
Yeomans Perpetual Plaque – Mr H. Spiekermann – Menai Sparkling Magic
Section D Reserve – Mr M. T. Attrell – Trevallion Harry
Mintfield Trophy – A. J. Anderson  & Mrs K. Scott – Bryndefaid St Andrew
Moelgarnedd Trophy – Mrs L. Bates – Bronheulog Harvey
Parc Trophy – Miss C. Chubb – Popsters Debutante
Llanarth Braint – Lady Vestey – Kentchurch Charity

Royal Welsh Spoons

Section A – Mr B. Van Der Wielen – Powys (NL) Jack Flash
Section B – Mrs J. I. Parry – Eyarth Osprey
Section C – Mrs S. Patch – Elwell Master Bronson
Section D – Mrs L. J. Parsons – Botleymill Magic Spark

Educational Bursaries

Mr Dean Baker
Mr Gareth Watkins

Debbie Dunbar Painting

Mrs S. L. Athey – Stonedge Samuel
Mr & Mrs J. A. Batt – Abergavenny Morning Queen

150thPerpetual Challenge Trophy – Dr E. W. Davies
Champagne Moment Trophy Autumn Cob Sale – The Lee Family
Champagne Moment Trophy Fayre Oaks – Mr P. Brightwell
Perpetual Award for Highest Priced Brood Mare – Mr & Mrs J. A. Batt
Highest Priced Foal Trophy – Miss S. Coburn
Downland Perpetual Trophy – Mr S. Anderson

Kentchurch Trophy – Mr Lee Hackett

Miss Brodrick Memorial Trophy – Nebo Bouncer

2nd Apr 2012