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If you have any concerns relating to Welfare, please contact the Society Office on 01570 471 754

Complaints must be made in writing. Should you have concerns for the welfare of ponies and cobs please read the Process to raise concerns about Welfare

A Welsh Pony & Cob Society (WPCS) Welfare Network structure was developed in 2015.  One of the main objects of the WPCS, as laid down in its Articles of Association, is to prevent cruelty to and promote the welfare of Ponies and Cobs. The Society acknowledges that things do go wrong with animal welfare, whether because of the owner’s age, illness, financial hardship and sometimes neglect.

The idea behind the network is to provide educational advice and support to our members by way of published information, talks and presentations as preventative measures and bring about improvement.  An enforcement measure in the form of referral to the Police, Trading Standards, RSPCA is the last resort but it is an option available to the Society in order to protect animals from suffering in cases where there is a need to remove or destroy an animal or the owner/person responsible is unwilling to cooperate or fails to bring about adequate improvements.

The Society’s role with regard to welfare is in educating and informing Welsh Pony and Cob owners and breeders of the necessary requirements to ensure good standards of care are provided at all times. The Society has a Code of Practise for the Welfare of Welsh Ponies and Cobs which can be found here and a free leaflet on Purchasing and Caring for your Welsh Pony and Cob. Furthermore, the Society produces a comprehensive booklet on the Care and Management of Welsh Ponies and Cobs which can be purchased from the office for £3.

Limitations of the Society

At a meeting of the Education and Welfare standing committee in 2015, the following was agreed:

Trading Standards has authority covering the whole of the UK and most have wide-ranging and greater powers of inspection than the Police, they have the authority to:

·         Enter a property

·         Request a vet to attend

·         Remove animals 

·         Search the property and take any information away as evidence

·         Stop vehicles

The Society along with its National Welfare Co-ordinator can offer advice and guidance, but there are no legal powers to take enforcement action in welfare cases.

Honorary Society Veterinary Surgeon

Mr S. W. R. Michell
Gynnin House,
St Clears,
SA33 4EG

Complaints must be made in writing through the office, should you have concerns for the welfare of ponies and cobs please read the Process to raise concerns about Welfare


The welfare of Welsh Ponies and Cobs is paramount to the WPCS, as laid down by articles of the Society. Following on from the presentation about 'Equine Obesity' and subsequent discussion with Society panel judges at the recent conference held at the Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells, the Society and it's Council support all judges, who in furtherance of the rules, penalise an animal who, in their opinion, they deem to be 'obese'.

Obesity Video


The Council of the Society wishes members to be aware that overfeeding for showing purposes and obesity is a form of cruelty.

Statement from Council

The Council of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society are mindful of the large number of ponies being bred in the current economic climate and urge members to act responsibly and be selective in their breeding policies.

Guide to Purchase and Care

The Society has produced a Guide to Purchasing and Caring for your Welsh Pony, Cob or Part Bred.

Guide to Purchase and Care

Stray/Dumped/Abandoned Equines

The Welsh Government has issued a document addressing the problem of stray/dumped/abandoned equines on Welsh commons. The purpose of the document is to make suggestions for a consistent approach for those involved in dealing with the issue of stray, abandoned or dumped ponies on common land across Wales.

More Information

Abandonment Notice

The Welsh Government has produced a document regarding stray/dumped/abandoned equines on Welsh common.

Abandonment Notice