Welsh Part Bred Register 


Although the animals entered in all four sections of the Stud Book vary in size and substance, all show evidence of their common ancestor, the Welsh Mountain Pony.

The best inherit the strong constitution, good bone, courage, activity and equable temperament that has led to worldwide renown.

It is therefore not surprising that they are in such demand for crossing with other breeds, and there is a Welsh Part-Bred Register for horses, cobs and ponies whose breeding shows not less than 12.5% of Registered Welsh blood.

The Welsh Part Bred Horse

The Welsh Part Bred Horse is proven as a top class performance and show animal, is over 148cms and has a minimum of 12.5% registered Welsh blood.

What leading breeders and riders think:

“..there is little to approach the Welsh breeds as the basis for competition horse production”
Capt. E Hartley-Edwards

“They have the movement and character to work in all spheres”
Jennie Loriston-Clarke.

“They have a lot of presence and are very good rides; I’m happy to have horses with Welsh blood”
Robert Oliver.

“They are a useful foundation, when mated with a TB, to breed and event horse”
Sam Barr

“I don’t mind a strain of Welsh blood in an event horse, their character and native cleverness are great strengths”
Rodney Powell