Breed Information 

The Welsh Stud Book contains registration details of four "types" of Welsh Ponies and Cobs.  These types include the Section A Welsh Mountain Pony, Section B Welsh Pony, Section C Welsh Pony (Cob type) and Section D Welsh Cob.  Each Section, or type, has specific characteristics, but all retain the pony character, versatility and excellent temperament of the Welsh breeds.

There is also a register for Welsh Part-bred animals, who must have a minimum proven 12.5% of Welsh blood in their parentage.

Further information on each of the Sections can be found by clicking on the tabs to the left of this page.

Transfer of Ownership

The fee to record the transfer of ownership of an animal is £15. This is one of the most frequently asked questions on the Website! Please ensure that the last recorded owner has signed the passport to confirm the transfer and that this is returned with the correct remmittance. This is the buyers responsibility.

Statement from Council

The Council of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society are mindful of the large number of ponies being bred in the current economic climate and urge members to act responsibly and be selective in their breeding policies.

Ear Tagging

Ear tagging and ear notching are not permitted in Great Britain under the Animal Welfare Act, as they do not appear in the list under Schedule 1 of the Mutilations (Permitted Procedures) Regulations 2007 (or under the Animal Health and Welfare [Scotland] Act). Further information can be found at